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~Andy and Ashlyn Stanton-Henry

Here is a story that inspires us and gave birth to this ministry:

There’s an ancient story recorded in all four gospels where Jesus and the disciples were faced with a large, hungry crowd in the middle of nowhere. The disciples saw only scarcity in the crowd while Jesus saw abundance hidden within the people and the place.

The solution of the disciples was to send the people away to fight it out and figure it out somewhere else. The solution of Jesus was to stay put, stay present, and stay prayerful. This difference of attitude made all the difference in the outcome. The story was transformed from a missed and mis-led moment to a miracle that impacted thousands of lives.

When you look at your small town or rural community, what do you see? Scarcity or abundance? Decline or renewal? Shift your mindset and you shift the manifestation. We believe God is inviting ordinary leaders to find their place in a great project of rural renewal.

God is still “feeding the 5,000” in the rural regions of our world, if we are willing to partner and participate in this great project.

We want to guide you, equip you, and host you so that you can be the change you want to see in your community. The path is not always obvious but there are practices and people to show us the way. Jesus insisted that abundant life is possible and accessible for all people in all places. As a rural prophet of renewal, he taught us that the kingdom of God is within and among us. Contemporary poet and Kentucky farmer Wendell Berry also said it well: what we need is here.

And we pray, not for new

earth or heaven, but to be quiet

in heart, and in eye clear.

What we need is here.

–Wendell Berry–

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We exist to equip and renew ordinary leaders in small towns and rural regions.

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