There’s a story recorded in the gospels in which Jesus and the disciples were faced with a large, hungry crowd in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Mark 6). The disciples saw only scarcity in the crowd while Jesus saw abundance hidden within the people and the place. When you look around at your community and across rural America, what do you see: scarcity or abundance? Jesus knew that abundant life is possible for all people, anywhere. And he invites his disciples–then and now–to practice prophetic imagination, to discover and develop gifts, and create community. When we do so, we realize that there is more than enough. What we need is here. The kingdom of God is here. Within and among us.

Join us in this project of rural renewal. Learn from us the resources to discover and recover abundance in your rural church or community. Share with us your stories of community and abundance.

And we pray, not
for new earth or heaven, but to be
quiet in heart, and in eye,
clear. What we need is here.

~Wendell Berry

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Rural America is home–to me and so many fine people.

Rural America is struggling–with an array of challenges like addiction, isolation, family breakdown, economic decline, etc.

Rural America is gifted–with an abundance of assets and resources that are often unseen and neglected.

Recovering Abundance Ministries cultivates renewal by uncovering, discovering, and recovering that spirit of abundance for rural churches and communities.  

We nurture the spirit of abundance by creating and sharing resources for renewal in the form of online content, books, curriculum, community events, and retreats. Our orientation is faith-based, place-based, and asset-based.

The Recovering Abundance website is a place for content and conversation about rural renewal. This space is a host for content, a hub for resources, and an access point for you to connect with us in whatever way is helpful to your needs and interests.

Thanks for visiting and please share your insights and questions!



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