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New Year’s Retreat:

“In the Beginning, God…”

 Chief Logan Lodge

Hocking Hills (Logan, OH)

January 4-6, 2019

Beginnings are sacred times. They are full of opportunity and anticipation; they can also be unsettling and chaotic. The Genesis creation stories teach us that beginnings, like a new year, can be moments of true renewal if we open ourselves to the One who makes all things new. The divine wisdom hidden in these ancient stories reminds us that renewal comes when we take time to rest (sabbath), embrace nature’s rhythms (seasons), and create reflective rituals of celebration and healing (sacred space). This retreat will provide time and space to seek renewal in the new year by looking back, looking ahead, and looking within. There is something for everyone with a mix of solitude and community, free and programmed time. There will be space for worship, study, playing, praying, hiking, eating, napping, journaling, and sitting by the fire or in the sauna. Gather with us and enter 2019 with a fresh sense of peace, purpose, and presence!

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Open the 2019 January Retreat Pamphlet for more details.

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