Spiritual Direction

Most spiritual directors are located in urban centers. This means that rural regions often lack direct access to trained spiritual companions, especially ones that have an awareness of and appreciation for rural issues and assets. Yet there is a long tradition of people retreating or journeying to rural places to seek direction through solitude, natural landscapes, and spiritual guides.

Andy Henry offers spiritual direction in the spirit of that long tradition. While he is happy to meet with anyone interested in spiritual companionship and conversation, he brings a particular emphasis on how God reaches us through nature and renews us through rural places. He enjoys making connections between everyday life and the spiritual and scriptural resources that help us see rural places and people in new ways.

In an age of disconnection and disorientation we need maps of meaning that help us situate our lives and discern the patterns of divine grace and guidance. Through his practice of spiritual companionship, Andy seeks to provide language and landscape for the spiritual journey. This practice is shaped by his seminary studies, training in spiritual direction, experience in Quaker ministry, and commitment to dwell faithfully in his rural community in central Ohio.

Schedule a meeting with Andy if you are interested in:

  • mapping your spiritual journey and personal narrative
  • discerning next steps in your life and vocation
  • exploring new spiritual practices and traditions
  • cultivating an intentional path to spiritual growth
  • expanding your spiritual and theological vocabulary
  • rooting your faith in a sense of place and rural context

~The first meeting is free, as we discern whether we are a good match. If you decide to continue, the suggested price is $50 per 60 minute session. We can meet on my front porch, your back yard, a coffee shop, via Skype, or wherever works best. Additionally, Andy will follow up each session with an email summary of the meeting and a one-pager that outlines an idea or practice that may have come up in the conversation.

To schedule a meeting or ask a question contact Andy by email: andy.recoveringabundance@gmail.com