The Membership Vow

Ours is a movement of members.

Miracles happen when members of particular places move together on projects of local renewal through networks of ordinary leaders.

In the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth, Wendell Berry, and a great cloud of rural leaders and ancestors, members are ordinary leaders who have ownership, affection, and influence in their community and are committed to the ongoing work of renewal for their home place and home people.

Do you resonate with the 15 statements of manifesto of rural renewal for ordinary leaders and desire to live into the 12 practices for recovering abundance in rural regions?

If so, sign on to the membership vow to join a growing network, emerging movement, and great project of rural renewal.

Sign on to the membership vow and we will send you a membership card to guide and remind you of your commitment.

We will also keep you current on resources and events so you can be fully equipped and regularly restored ordinary leaders in your context.