The Mission

We are passionate about seeing small towns and rural regions renewed.

We envision:

  • small towns where artists, healers, activists, entrepreneurs, pastors, educators, craftspeople, farmers, and social workers are all collaborating on local projects of renewal
  • revitalized rural communities where history and heritage are built upon with imagination and innovation.
  • villages that are awake to their gifts and invest those assets for a future of possibility, shared abundance, and justice.

Right now many rural communities and small towns are struggling. Rural residents feel the weight of spiritual and social decline and economic desperation. What do we do? Who do we turn to?

Many folks are waiting for a “strong man” leader who will intervene to save them through big business or big government and make them great again. This doesn’t work and it disempowers the members of our communities.

What and who we need is you. And me. And us.

We need ordinary leaders who are doing the work of renewal in vital ways that are often unseen and uncelebrated. You matter. Your work matters. You are part of a movement.

We are here to equip you to do this work by providing resources through our books, retreats, workshops, and teaching visits. We are guides; you are the heroes.

We are also here to create space for you to be renewed. So many of us are weary and heavy and need time and space to renew our souls, refresh our bodies, and revise our vision. We want to be your guides for a retreat that opens your perspective, deepens your formation, and renews your strength. We are hosts; you are the heroes.